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I'm here to bring Shalom to the discouraged, bring light

into the darkness, and shift atmospheres with my art and my voice.


Art making is this intimate dance with my Heavenly Father where I am fully known and safe and where darkness fades away to the healing light of the Son. I desire that my work would be a door for you to experience this heavenly realm.  The place where the goodness and healing light of God would meet you where the color meets the dance. I am inspired the most by creation and how it reflects the beauty and majesty of God. I believe that art has the power to transform hearts, spaces and atmospheres. Everywhere I look the beauty cries out with joy. Thank you for spending some time with me here. 



My life has been one long overcoming.  I

survived years of chronic illness, pain and fatigue and healed.  I have broken free of a narcissitic family system that I grew up in and am healing and finding my authenticity.  I believe I am to be a voice to those who feel discouraged. 

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