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12x12 Gate of Mystery Acrylic Mixed Media on Heavy Paper


This piece reminds me that He is  the one who binds up our broken hearts and gives us beauty for ashes.  He brings us up out of the wilderness leaning on Him, with our hearts and minds renewed to His truth.  Oh how He longs to embrace us in the light and lead us out.  


I imagine a gate that opens and leads me into the path on the right bottom of this painting.  The path leads to the light of Yahweh.  He’s there.  He’s always there.  He’s behind us, beside us, before us and all around us, strengthening us, comforting us, healing us and making us strong for our purpose.  So lift up your head friend, this King of Glory wants to come through you.


So wake up, you living gateways!  Lift up your heads, you ageless doors of destiny!  Welcome the King of Glory for He is about to come through you.  You ask who is this glory-King?  The Lord armed and ready for battle, the mighty One invincible in every way.  Psalm 24:7-8


Gate Of Mystery - 12 x 12 Mixed Media on Paper

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